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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

yo , guys:) long time no post le , my blog really gonna die soon ... have not post for around 5 months le:) nowadayz very lazy la... hahah ....i really hope that u can patch with ur stead , cos ur stead is the one who i believe that would give u all the love and protect u...but how come u don wan ?? u don love him le??or u got like de person le?? nvm , it does not matter , do wad u wad , do wad u like . HEY ! I LOVE U KAYZ:) got to go byee :) yew jia yu you are forever my bestie okay , i will nt let anyone snatch u de:) hehe , nitez everyone @.@

Monday, November 1, 2010

OMG~ my blog is so dead , anyway , have not post for so long...lazy to post , now holiday liao ! yeah , can sleep like a pig , lolz .... nothing to say liao ... gtg byeez

Thursday, October 7, 2010

i gave up .....this time really really really gave up , wad is the point of waiting?? i should just be last time de me , last time de me onli know how to play wif other people de feelings , now the god wan to punish me is it!? i will just me wad i am last time .... WILL NOT BE SERIOUS ANYMORE! i cannot see any hope in this , no light , no nothing ... NOW NO NEED EVERYTIME WALK BY UR CLASS LER! LAST LONG~ wif him , if that mr.. treat u like how the jerk treat u , i tell u i will be angry , but then , its ur choice , this is wad i tell everyone ....DON REGRET LOR ,

Thursday, September 30, 2010

i am waiting for u , but u will never know how much i love u .....today , when i was walking to see ms ang , i saw u , i was like WOW! don know how to discribe that feeling , ur pair of innocence eyes , looking at me....haha , but wad u see is onli him ...ur dearest MR.jp .....i also jp leh...anyway , today was ok , is just that the history lesson veri de boring , got to go bye guys , post soon :)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

我真的很没用!想保护你都保护不了!想看你都要偷偷摸摸,还要故意走过你的班!我有机会吗?everytime after recess there will br alot of guys surrounding u ....haha , is i too stupid ler , thinking that u will see wad i mean .....but there is too much guys surrounding u , how can u see ...now there i know , why jack so zai , so many guys surrounding still can get u .....too stupid le 只能怪我一想情愿,我笨。:'(

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

hello , people.....long time no post liao quite busy this fewdays....hahah , anyway , happy teacher's day , to all the teachers .....是时候放手了.....u are rite i should find others , rejected by u twice .....my first time kana rejected ......sad...but its ok , i understand i hope that u and ur stead will last long ...... and to jaslyn , wish me good luck so that i could chase until her:) she is soo cute:) see her everyday , so 幸福:) anyway got to go......hey , gal wait for me , i can do better than him de hor ! x100 better than that jerk ! i was late a few months , if nt u will nt kana hurt until so badly de .....haiz 心痛u kana hurt until like that... jasyln tell me that u got like de plp le.....don know who so lucky wor.....don tell me i gonna fail again this time......haiz......

Thursday, August 12, 2010

helo peepos , sianz nowaday veri lazy go sch , don know why ... anyway just a short post cos someone call me update blog , so i update lo .... i don know why nowadays i veri hate u , see until u like wan to puke , care so much about me and eva FOR WAD , kpo ! being wif u are just like taking drug , cannot stop it . haiz , i will nt give up de , jia yous , like wad eva say , don give up on the person u like . should end here , byee:)

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